About Eager Mondays

Eager Mondays creates web sites, social media marketing plans, and well-crafted documents that help individuals, businesses, and nonprofits share their creativity and productivity with the world. We are based in Davis, California, about 15 minutes from Sacramento and an hour from San Francisco, but we have worked with clients from as far away as Japan and China.

Andy Jones, Founder of Eager Mondays

Andy has been teaching university classes since 1990, and has given over 250 presentations on topics in the fields of teaching, productivity, effective writing, creative thinking, social media, and literature. He is a published poet and essayist, a radio talk show host and MC, an editor or advisor to four print journals (and one online journal), an academic director of faculty technology support programs at UC Davis, and an expert on effective teaching, mentoring, presenting, and critical and creative thinking. In 2006, Andy Jones was named the UC Davis “Educator of the Year.”

Andy holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Davis. He has also earned a BA in English from Boston University, and has taken classes at Regent’s College, London, and the University of California, Berkeley. He has taught classes or given talks in Japan and Scotland, in ten US states, and in a dozen or more cities in California. Every year since 2004 he has also served on the faculty of the San Francisco Writers Conference.

His publications include an essay on teaching with Twitter, and the books Split Stock: Selected Poems, and Where’s Jukie? – a book of poems and essays about raising a son with special needs. He lives in Davis, California.